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The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

The League of Women Voters Manhattan/Riley County believes in: respect for individuals, the value of diversity, the empowerment of the grassroots*, and the power of collective decision making for the common good.


According to Riley County Elections Officer, Sandy Boller, here are the current guidelines for use of the Federal Form for Voter Registration: (These may change AFTER the 2016 election depending on court rulings, but this is where we stand now...)

1. If you register with the Federal Form , you WILL be able to vote November 8, whether or not you have submitted proof of citizenship (Like a birth certificate or passport) Completing and turning in the form is all that must be done right now.

2. When you go to vote, you will be given a "provisional" paper ballot with ALL the choices for offices, local, state, and federal listed. They will be counted.

3. To know your polling place, the easiest way is to vote in advance October 19 or later. You can do this at Riley County Courthouse or at the Bluemont Room in the Union. You may also call the Elections Office at 785-537-6300. They will tell you your polling place.

4. The Department of Health and Environment is sending the county lists of people who are born in Kansas. They may mark you off the pending list automatically. Then you will get a card telling you you are fully registered until you move someplace else.

5. REMEMBER YOUR ID! (License, KSU id card with picture)

AFTER THE ELECTION: Pay attention as court cases are still happening. If you find your proof of citizenship later, you can still send in a copy, or take a picture and send it in. You may also fax or email your voter registration application and proof of citizenship to Fax # 785-537-6394. Text # 785-317-0467.

Note: the County office will still call you and remind you to turn in documents for absolute complete registration, but you are ready to vote in November

Registration Countdown! You must be registered to vote in advance of the election. The last day to register is October 18 by state statute. 45 days in advance you may do this on-line, but closer to the election, you will want to do this in person at your county courthouse. Be sure to bring in proof of citizenship information. (details here)

Please help us alert individuals on the Suspense list!

Kansas Voter Registration laws are complicated. As a result, nearly 23,000 individuals who started to register are not fully in the system. They are on the "Suspense List" and will not be able to vote until corrections are made. Most of the time, this is because an individual has not submitted proof of citizenship to the county clerk. (Copy of Passport, birth certificate, tribal membership, for example)

The complete list of those on the suspense list can be found organized by county here compliments of LWVKansas. After 90 days, names will be removed and the individuals will need to start all over again.

Please encourage those you know on this list to contact their local county clerk. We want everyone to be able to exercise the right to vote! Thank you.

2016 Voting Information! Find the latest news on how to get registered to vote and voting here, courtesy of the League of Women Voters of Kansas.

View videos from the June 2016 LWVUS convention. Amazing speakers of national stature: Money in politics (Peter Overby, NPR), Ari Berman (The Nation) author of "Give Us The Ballot", the rise of Authoritarianism in the US, Engaging Millenials, and many others. Find here

Kansas LWV is the proud winner of the national LWV "Make Democracy Work" award, The description of our work is listed here. This is a proud moment! Thank you to all who participated!

Do you know someone who wants to vote, but is nervous about registering? Do you know that all the paperwork can be done electronically and on-line? Here is an explanatory video presented by Washburn University students in cooperation with the LWVK. Please share!

Kansas Campus Initiative: How to register in Kansas video (Spanish version)

By League of Women Voters of Kansas and Washburn University Students

More information here and at

Members: Annual dues are payable at this time. Dues are $50 for single membership, $75 for dual. Please send your dues check to LWV, PO Box 835, Manhattan, KS 66505

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Getting Out the Vote! Please join our efforts to inspire voters for our 2016 election! Together, we can pass on the message...Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!

Future Voter at Manhattan High School, National Voter Registration Day 2015

(*Grassroots: Change starting with individuals (often local) and growing stronger as more people participate.)