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Advocate, Educate, Inform, Empower

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

The League of Women Voters Manhattan/Riley County believes in: respect for individuals, the value of diversity, the empowerment of the grassroots*, and the power of collective decision making for the common good.

Are You Ready to Vote? Registration Deadline: October 18!

You must be Registered to vote. If your permanent address is in Riley County, check your status here If you are registered elsewhere, check here.

If you aren't registered, Do So Now! If your county clerk does not have your information by Oct. 18, you can't vote.

To get registered, USE THE FEDERAL FORM

Register to Vote using the Federal Form (Also here.) for Voter Registration:

Important Update Because this is still being argued in the courts, LWVKansas recommends that we encourage individuals to still submit proof of citizenship if they have it. With the Federal Form, they will be able to vote a full ballot on November 8. Submitting the proof of citizenship is recommended for future elections.

The Federal Voter Registration Form is completed in two minutes. Print out the internet form and submit it to your county clerk. (In Riley County, the Riley County Clerk)

The Federal From does not require proof of citizenship.

It can be completed for change of name and change of address and change of political party.

Persons completing the Federal Form will be entered on the VOTER ROLLS, and given a FULL ballot (not provisional) by order of Federal District Judge Julie Robinson.

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 FORBIDS purging from the VOTER ROLLS.

You must be registered by October 18 (application received by the county clerk!

Now, run out there and REGISTER to vote on November 8!


Once you are registered, you may vote in advance starting October 19 or later. In Riley county, you can do this at Riley County Courthouse at 110 Courthouse Plaza or at the K.S.U. Union.

Prior to Election Day, you should receive a note in the mail telling you your polling place. You may also call the Elections Office at 785-537-6300. They will tell you your polling place and confirm that you are registered

You may also check here

When you go to vote, REMEMBER YOUR Picture ID! (License, KSU id card with picture, military ID, tribal ID card. {government issued})

For more information, contact: Fax # 785-537-6394. Text # 785-317-0467. Website

Have You Been Notified?You should receive a notice in the mail that you are fully registered and where you should vote. If you don't have this, check your status here In Riley County or statewide here

You may also contact the Riley County Clerk

Our democracy needs everyone to use the right to vote! Thank you.

View videos from the June 2016 LWVUS convention. Amazing speakers of national stature: Money in politics (Peter Overby, NPR), Ari Berman (The Nation) author of "Give Us The Ballot", the rise of Authoritarianism in the US, Engaging Millenials, and many others. Find here

Kansas LWV is the proud winner of the national LWV "Make Democracy Work" award, The description of our work is listed here. This is a proud moment! Thank you to all who participated!

Please check our calendar for important events.

Getting Out the Vote! Please join our efforts to inspire voters for our 2016 election! Together, we can pass on the message...Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!

Future Voter at Manhattan High School, National Voter Registration Day 2015

(*Grassroots: Change starting with individuals (often local) and growing stronger as more people participate.)